Health Care

AJWI began work in the healthcare space 10 years ago with support for the Children Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) protocol designed by Praed Foundation. Since then we have developed additional case management support for community health collaborations, telemedicine protocols, and early childhood development health initiatives. Our SaaS health care products have supported CANS projects with thousands of users as well small non-profits with just a few users and clients. Our Health Care team has work in support of EPIC EHR installations and integrated data with AVATAR EHR. As with all our case management systems we are able to configure them for specific workflows and business logic requirements and functions that allow client configuration.

Key Product Functions and Services

  • CANS support
  • Telemedicine
  • Configurable case management
  • Canned and ad-hoc reporting
  • Early childhood and family health tracking
  • Third party integration (IDS)
  • HIPAA compliance


Our motto is that one size does NOT fit all. In over 20 years of experience no one agency or nonprofit has a workflow exactly the same. Luckily some are very similar and therefore requires very little configuration. But many times it will take closely working with the client to define the workflow and business logic before configuring the system for ease of use by your specific staff. This is a critical part of our process. Once we are able to understand your unique configuration we have teams of on staff programmers ready to build out your system. For some this can take a month or two. For others with a more robust system it may take as much as six (6) months. And on top of the configuration by our teams we also provide tools for you, the client, to configure the system even further. Adding fields, obsoleting fields, changing labels, or changing values, all the time maintaining historical data.


We offer training in a couple of formats. First is via video examples of how a client may configure or use a system. If you need either group training or a more personal touch we can provide a low cost person to person training program. In addition, we have additional support services for both configuration and training to help you with going live as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us at to get more info.

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