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AJW Inc. is a 24-year-old software company out of San Francisco that provides custom software solutions for government agencies and nonprofits around the country.

A Software as a Service (SaaS) company that has products in the childcare, economic and workforce development, housing, health, and integrated data systems (IDS) program areas. We have successfully served hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of users.

Who Are We​

AJW Inc. is a software company providing custom software solutions for government agencies and non-profits around the country for over 20 years. Our team of community activists turned technology providers brings a culturally diverse group of technical specialists focused on providing tools that improve the work of all of our clients. 

Products and Services

Child Care Resource and Referral
Integrated Data Systems​
CMS: HOPPS/Housing
Economic and Workforce Development
Pre-Trial: Client Diversion Tracking
Health Care
Mobile Interfaces
Reviewed for HIPAA privacy and security compliance, and certified for the CA Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)

DCAR™ – Data Collection Analysis and Reporting

After years of using data analysis to improve public policy initiatives, we created DCAR™ – Data Collection Analysis and Reporting. DCARTM is our proprietary CMS base code composed of four modules.


Security Module​


Program Management Module


Client Tracking Module


Survey Tracking Module

Our Team

Andy Wong Headshot
Andy Wong

Founder and President

Jeannine Schumm Headshot
Jeannine Schumm

Senior Project Manager

Vinay Patel Headshot
Vinay Patel

Senior Project Manager

Partners and Clients

Shasta County Health

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