Child Care Resource and Referral

Resource and Referral

Designed with the help of the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network we released an R&R support application in 2018 that is forward looking, that we are enhancing monthly, and has ability to integrate with other systems. Called My Child Care Plan Database (MCCP_DB) in California it has a number of important functions and more for any Resource and Referral agency, state department or provider. This application can be configured for additional purposes such as expanded case management, user customization, ad hoc reporting and supporting mobile use with public facing interfaces. We have flexible pricing models that allow for starting with a basic subscription and then upgrades that can add a broad range of functionality and data integration capacities.

Key Product Functions and Services

Our Childcare and Family services tracking systems are evolving rapidly. In the works are also alternative payment (subsidy support) and eligibility list modules. Here are just a module options we have to offer:

  • Child Care Resource and Referral
  • Integrated Data Systems (IDS, ECIDS)
  • Parent engagement and marketing through social media
  • Case Management expanded package (extended work flow and business logic support)
  • Licensed and Licensed Exempt (babysitting) support

And here are a few specific functions that we support:

  • Childcare Provider multi-function search 
  • Provider portals to advertise each provider’s specialties including photos and more
  • Parent/child customer data managemen 
  • “Canned” and ad-hoc reporting
  • Public facing functionality
  • Third party integration


The child care industry is booming. The demands on a child care ecosystem are increasing and tech needs to support that growth. AJW Inc. has the capacity to configure, enhance, and integrate our child care R&R/CMS system for any size need. We have provided services from small non-profit organizations, large counties such as Los Angeles, and even child care resource systems for the state of California. There are also configuration functions available directly to you the client. We have a unique specialization in integrated data systems covered here in an article from Harvard University Getting Big Data to the Good Guys. We also have two decades of experience in specialized case management with specialized systems in health, economic and workforce development, housing, and early childhood development.


We offer training in a couple of formats such as video examples of how a client may configure or use a system. If you need either group training or a more personal touch we can provide a low cost person to person training program. In addition, we have additional support services for both configuration and training to help you with going live as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us at to get more info.

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