Economic and Workforce Development

Business Logic

Our Economic and Workforce Development SaaS application was designed in collaboration with the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce development. It is designed to meet WIOA requirements as well as configurable to meet your state requirements. Our system has both program staff facing case management functions as well as public facing “kiosk” style record access for easy to use engagement with your clients. As with all of AJWI’s SaaS solutions we provide “canned” and user customizable reporting functions. We are also built for integration with other systems and with future build capacity. Our systems have been used for workforce development, earned income tax credit tracking, and family financial health programs. 


Our experience is that navigation must meet work flow and business logic requirements. Each agency and nonprofit does this slightly differently. We are able to configure our systems to meet your needs. And we even include functionality you can use to configure your own system. We also have varying navigation to support business logic for your agency staff and user friendly navigation to support public facing interfaces. This has been used for kiosk type access and swipe card access for ease of data tracking at the service delivery point.

Case Management

We support longitudinal case management needs based on experience across many program areas including workforce development. Our workforce model can support local, county, and state sized models. We are currently using barcoded swipe cards to track movements and service usage of clientele. We can provide public facing user interfaces with staff validation protocols to boost data validation and integrity. Our case management functionality is extensible and we can work with you to add any of a myriad of case tracking functionality including but not limited to class enrollment, scheduling, service tracking, survey integration, etc.


Your business model is ever changing and improving. How you work with your clients today may be different one year from now based on what you learn from your work. Our systems begin with a basic program area such as workforce development and allow for you to customize the system for your needs. Forms, work flow, and reporting are all areas where you can improve your systems yourselves in a few easy steps. There is a learning curve but for most after an hour or two of our tutorials you are good to go!


We offer training in a couple of formats such as YouTube video examples of how a client may configure or use a system. If you need either group training or a more personal touch we can provide a low cost person to person training program. In addition, we have additional support services for both configuration and training to help you with going live as soon as possible. Contact us at for more.

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