Integrated Data Systems (IDS)

Providing a “soup to nuts” solution for your multi-disciplinary team initiative!

Products and Services

Integrated Data Systems or IDS refers to the growing need to share and merge data from inter disciplinary municipal/state agencies. Needs include support for analysis, evaluation, and continuous program improvement (CPI). We also support IDS for case management in order to better serve high need clusters of clients. You will see links below to articles and books written about our work.For more info!

MOU documentation

From working with municipal and school district lawyers to writing documentation based on our own templates we can provide support for documenting the legal and privacy data sharing agreements. We address federal, state, and local laws and guidelines. In some cases we work with your decision-makers to create new guidelines and administrative policies. In over 15 years of experience we have developed templates and best practices to speed time to production.
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Informed Consent protocol support

Informed consent is still a critical tool in achieving good and trusted data sharing. We work with our clients to develop protocols that leverage existing IC protocols or create new ones to cover the need for engaging the service client in their case management.
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Service response development and admin support

To develop the change in practice for programs looking to service multi-agency clients there is a need to support the program and administrative process. Because we are doing this in so many varying municipalities with different needs we are trained in facilitating this change process.
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Data matching, validation, and warehousing products (SaaS solution)

There are always two parts to our IDS programs and those are warehoused data for aggregate research and evaluation and case management data. We provide hardware and software support in a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) environment. This reduces your cost and speeds time to production since we have set up all security and privacy protections already.
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Case and referral system products (SaaS solution)

Our services and products are unique in that we have supported case management and warehousing for almost a decade in a multi-agency environment. We have created a SaaS solution that includes all privacy and legal guidelines for numerous different states and municipality needs. This includes solutions covering individual case outcome goals (education, health, criminal justice…), overall program management and inter-agency referral processing.
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Data analysis for client clustering and service design

Our familiarity with multi-agency data sets and how they interact with each other makes us uniquely qualified to do empirical review of your data to help identify key clusters of clients. Whether it is for improved crisis response or to build predictive models for intervention and prevention we have deep experience in how to get you started.
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Read more about us in “Policy Walking” by John A. Calhoun