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Housing App

Designed for Habitat for Humanity

Business Logic

Built in collaboration with an Habitat for Humanity partner, the business logic focuses on home improvement programs. An example would be the veteran’s program that provides specific home repair and improvement support for a specific population in need. We are working to include new programs every few months. If you have a specific need please contact us with any questions you may have.


Menus and navigation are designed for ease of use and to support work flow for your particular program areas. AJWI has collaborated with housing experts to develop a workflow that follows project protocols specific to the work of most Habitats but also with generic functions that can be configured for similar work.

Case (Project) Tracking

Project management functions are included and can be enhanced and controlled by your particular business logic. We have created a flexible project based management system that is already configured for simple projects like appliance replacement, more critical projects like major repairs, and even home purchase. The overall architecture can also be used for government projects including remediation programs and municipal based home ownership initiatives. These can be extended to include other client management tools including financial and other training programs, additional subsidy support, and family tracking to measure overall outcomes that come with home ownership.


Your business model is ever changing and improving. How you work with your clients today may be different one year from now based on what you learn from your work. As mentioned above this system starts with commonly used project based project models and allow for you to customize the system for your particular needs. Forms, work flow, and reporting are all areas where you can improve your systems yourselves in a few easy steps. There is a learning curve but for most after an hour or two of our tutorials you are good to go!
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We offer training in a couple of formats. First is via video examples of how a client may configure or use a system. If you need either group training or a more personal touch we can provide a low cost person to person training program. In addition, we have additional support services for both configuration and training to help you with going live as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us at to sign up.