Case Management

Within each of our systems we have modules that support case management. Our proprietary systems are built on three key principles. 1) That all things change so that we have to build flexibility for future thinking and edits demanded by compliance or research. 2) That a non-profit or government work flow engine needs to be designed differently than for commercial businesses. 3) That a majority of key functions can be programmed into each product regardless of program area. this will speed time to production any configuration. Click images below to get more detail. Or contact us at

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AJW Inc. has been providing products and services in government and non-profit program and case management support for over 20 years. We were started by community minded people who have served as elected officials, policy staff, and non-profit managers. Our team brings a culturally diverse group of technical specialists focused on providing tools that improve the work of all of our clients. If you would like to know more you contact us at