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Congratulations FII!

On May 27th, 2010 Family Independence Initiative CEO and President Maurice Lim Miller attended a White House event on foundation support for the Social Innovation Fund. In her speech, First Lady Michelle Obama highlighted FII as a project where "...friendships and social networks, not caseworkers, are the key to helping families overcome poverty." She praised FII as an approach that's "working, and showing real, measurable results.". See the clip at http://www.fiinet.org/

White Paper: Cross Agency Databases

AJWI recently released a white paper that outlines how cross agency databases, properly built and managed, can help government and youth serving agencies improve outcomes and measure success. Please contact us at info@ajwi.com for more information.

CANS Assessment: Technical and Social Change for Children and Youth

On April 19th 2010 AJWI released a white paper at the CANS/ANSA conference held in San Francisco. It was in conjunction with a presentation done by Nathaniel Israel, a co–author of the paper, on San Francisco's implementation of the CANS. Please contact us at info@ajwi.com for more information.

Integrated Data Systems and Better Case Management

2015 has been an important year for Integrated Data System (IDS) initiatives. We are launching two more this year including one in Albany NY. These are very challenging but hold the promise of great strides in improving service delivery for municipalities who look at familes as a whole. These projects will also make strides in developing new models for predictive data analysis and preventative and intervention service stragtegies.

We are proud of the work we have done over the last 17 years to develop a model for changing the silo'd culture of data management to a more integrated picture of how rich government data sets can be used. It generally is a re-purposing of existing data to create greater gains for families and individuals. Our last decade has taught us that there are four basic steps to launching a successful data sharing initiative.

  1. Having a theory of change.
  2. Documenting privacy agreements and establishing privacy procedures.
  3. Data analytics for choosing your cluster focus and building your predictive models.
  4. Determining the best response for your populations needs and establishing a good data flow model.

Once you have that all figured out you are ready for execution. Of course you have the technical matters to deal with but that is why you choose a company like ours to get you to implementation.

This year has also been an important year for the developing case management market. Our work in economic development, health, criminal justice, and early childhood development continues to challenge us to keep up with the changing needs and culture of data collection. The overall acceptance of mobile devices has opened up a whole new Big Data opportunity and new ways to engage the client. We have a couple new ventures that will integrate mobile technology as the case management field continues to morph and utilize new opportunities to interact with the client. We hope that this will put more data and decision-making into the client's hands as well as drive new forms fo case management. We hope it will increase the trust factor between client and case worker by a creating a more culturally competent and efficient interaction.

If you are interested in these innovations please feel free to contact us at info@ajwi.com and we would be happy to provide information or set up a demonstration of some of our latest products and services.

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